I received my Ph.D. from the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Washington in 2021. I received my B.A. in Economics from Vassar College in the spring of 2016 and started my Ph.D. program at Evans in the fall of 2016.

In my current role, I conduct analyses of the effects of major social policies and reforms thereto on the poverty rate and other key indicators of well-being. These include long-term studies of the intergenerational transmission of poverty, but also studies of contemporary policies and their effects. All the work involves the research programs of Principal Investigators Irwin Garfinkel, Jane Waldfogel, and Christopher Wimer. 

Teaching Experience:

  • Microeconomic Policy Analysis (PUBPOL 516): (TA) Fall 2017, Fall2018
  • Microeconomic Management Analysis (PUBPOL 517): (Predoctoral Instructor) Winter 2020, (TA) Winter 2018
  • Quantitative Analysis II (PUBPOL 528): (TA) Spring 2020
  • Introduction to Public Policy and Governance (PUBPOL 201): (TA) Spring 2018
  • Introduction to Economics (ECON 102): (TA) 2015-2016